Live Web Cams

Eagle Cam

Get a rare look inside a bald eagle nest in the wild

Panda Cam

Get a rare look at the Pandas at the San Diego Zoo

Elephant Cam

Get a rare look at the Elephants at the San Diego Zoo

Polar Bear Cam

Get a rare look at the Polar Bears at the San Diego Zoo

Ape Cam

Get a rare look at the Apes at the San Diego Zoo

Red Tailed Hawk


Get a rare look at Red-tailed hawk nest in downtown Portland

Amazon River Cam

Get a rare look inside the Amazon River

Clouded Leopard Cam

Two clouded leopards live on the National Zoo's Asian Trail.

Cheetah Cam

Three male and two female cheetahs live at the National Zoo's Cheetah Conservation Station.

Ferret Cam

Black Footed Ferrets at the National Zoo

Flamingo Cam

Watch the Flamingos at the National Zoo

Fishing Cats Cam

Two fishing cats live on Asia Trail at the National Zoo.

Golden Lion Tamarin Cam

the National Zoo's Small Mammal House where a family of golden lion tamarins (GLTs) lives.

Gorilla Cam

The National Zoo is home to a family group of seven western lowland gorillas, three adult females, three males, and a female baby born on January 10.

Liom Cam

The Zoo is home to three female lions, Lusaka, Shera, and Nababiep, and one male lion, Luke.

Octopus Cam

The giant Pacific octopus is the world's largest octopus—

Orangutan Cam

The National Zoo is home to six orangutans, four females and two males.

Tiger Cam

Two adult tigers and two of their cubs live at the National Zoo.

Sloth Bear Cam

Four sloth bears live at the National Zoo—two adult females, an adult male, and a young male

Panda Cam

The panda cams provide a window into the world of the National Zoo's giant pandas—three-year-old Tai Shan, his mother, Mei Xiang, and his father, Tian Tian

Microscope Cam

A tremendous array of organisms is too small to be seen with the naked eye. This microscope cam offers an up-close glimpse of such little-known life forms as paramecia, rotifers, amoebas, and volvox (green algae).

Gharials Cam

Gharials are large, endangered crocodiles from India and Nepal. Adult males grow to be 16 to 20 feet long, and females reach 13 feet or more.

African Safari Cam

See the wildlife in Africa

Penguin Cam

Splash Zone - Monterey Bay Aquarium - California

Aligator Cam

Welcome to Gatorland's world famous Gator Cam

Panda Cam

Atlanta’s giant pandas Xi Lan, Mei Lan, Lun Lun, and Yang Yang on PandaCam