Student Book Review:

Locked in Time

by: Lois Duncan

Review done by:

Cashelle Crowley

Grade 7

Van Antwerp Middle School

Niskayuna, NY

My favorite novel that I have read this year was Locked in Time by Lois Duncan.

Locked in Time was my favorite because it was exciting and suspenseful. It was about a teen named Nore who goes to visit her father after being in a reform school for girls. Her mother had died and her father had remarried. Her father ( Chuck ) married a woman named Lisette Berge. She lived in a huge plantation that was owned during the Civil War by a family called the Bereges. They were supposedly Lisetteës relatives from way back.

Lisette has three children : Gabriel, Josie, and Lisetteís oldest son died from falling off of a horse. Nore finds suspicious things about the Bereges such as Josie said she was in a fire at a circus, but Nore remembers that her mother was going to go to that circus but luckily, she was sick and didnít go. That was forty years ago. Josie couldnít have been there because she is supposed to be thirteen. Also Gabe went out on a boat with Nore and practically tried to drown her, he also told her to leave while she could. She also found an old, old picture hanging in Shadow Grove ( where Lisette lives ) which looked exactly like Gabe but in the picture he had old fashioned clothes on. Also, in her dreams, her mother told her to leave with her father before it was too late.

If you want a book that you canít put down, this is it. I suggest that you read Locked in Time by Lois Duncan.

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