Student Book Review:


Sense and Sensibility - classic

by: Jane Austen

Review done by:

Hayden B
Grade 7
Van Antwerp Middle School
Niskayuna, NY

The classic Sense and Sensibility is one of many books by Jane Austen. To me this is her best; it's a really great book. There is a lot of adventure, and there is something new at every corner.
Sense and Sensibility is about a family of three girls and one married boy. Elinor was the oldest girl, Marianne was the second to oldest girl and the most talked about, and Margaret was the youngest girl. They originally lived at Norland, a giant estate. Their father died and in his will he left Norland to his only son, daughter in law, and his grandson. The daughter in law of the father did not make the three girls and their mother feel very welcome. This was because she was very greedy and selfish. The girls and their mother felt and saw this so they were forced to leave as soon as possible. A good friend, who lived at Barton, came to their aide a few months later, and offered a low rent cottage for them to stay in. The family did not take long to think about it. Soon afterward they took as many possessions as possible, and left for Barton cottage.
The rest of the book revolves around Marianne, her sisters, her brother and Barton cottage. Many adventures happen here; but, I really do not want to tell you any, for it would give away the wonderful surprises of this book. The characters change so much and go through so many transitions in their lives. I almost have to write a book myself to tell you about the book. If you do decide to check this book out you can see why Jane Austin needed 300 plus pages to really do the story justice. I have only one complaint; I wish it had been even longer!!!!!!! I got into the story so much that I wanted it to go on forever. I even have read it three times.
To read this book, though, you have to be a fairly good reader. The words are somewhat challenging, which is good for all readers. I found this to be a challenging book for me which I like. I feel a sense of accomplishment for having finished it.
I would HIGHLY recommend this book. I hope everyone who reads this review runs out to read Sense and Sensibility for themselves.

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