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OPALS Library Catalog

General Social Studies Sites

Standard 1

History of the United States and New York

Standard 2

World History

Standard 3


Standard 4


Standard 5

Civics, Citizenship, and Government

National Council for the Social Studies

Academic Info: History home Page and Index

Big6 Research Model

History Matters

American Memory From the Library of Congress

Library of Congress Social Science Resources

Tennessee Technological University History Web Site


Constitution of the U.S.

Government Documents 

Journal of Lewis and Clark

National Archives and Records Administration -

A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation

Timeline of important American documents


History of New York

Dutch Influence

Erie Canal Sites
    boat building, life on the canal, digging the canal
    history of canal, building
    maps, boats, timeline, history

Henry Hudson and the Half Moon
New Netherland Museum

New York State History Net

New York State for Kids

Oneida Indian Nation


History of the United States

Historical maps

American Revolution

Battle of Bunker Hill

Lexington and  Concord

American Revolution Biographies

Ethan Allen from Fort Allen site

Benedict Arnold
Benedict Arnold: Valley Forge Museum


Black History Month Biographies

Congressional Biographical Dictionary

Discoverers - links to explorers

Homework Center - Biographies 

Martin Luther King, Jr. 

Women's History Month Biographies

Black American Studies

Chronology of the Civil War week by week

Civil War Photos

Underground Railroad

The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the Civil War


Ellis Island Museum

Native American Studies

Index of Native American Cultural Resources on the Internet

Native American Studies

Other Events

Great Chicago Fire

Mountain Men and the Fur Trade 

New Deal

FDR Cartoon Collections 

Japanese Interment

Timeline of the American Civil Rights Movement


White House


Brazil facts and graphics

HyperHistory Online - maps, biographies, timelines

Middle Ages

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 1994-98


Russian history links

Virtual Tours of World Places

World War I

World War II

Holocaust (See also Internet School Library Media Center listings)

Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

Teaching the Holocaust through Stamps, Pictures, and text


National Geographic: Five Themes of Geography with lesson ideas

Geography For Kids

Geography Place Games and Quiz Site

Map resources -

National Geographic Map Machine

World Atlas and World Maps


Facing the Future: People and the Planet - provides problems and solutions of population growth -

Historical United States Census Data

U.S. Census Bureau -  provides population statistics as well as economic indicators including graphs


  Fourth of July

  Memorial Day
  President's Day


Smithsonian Institute

General Resources

California SCORE Project for Social Studies



Fourth Grade Native American WebQuest
Grade 4 UBD Unit Overview: Why do people move?