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Social Studies Standards

Capital District  Council for the Social Studies-

National Council for the Social Studies -

Academic Info: History home Page and Index  -

Big6 Research Model web site -

CIA World Factbook, 2000 -

History Matters -\

American History Archive - full resources for teaching the Am. Revolution and Civil War -

American Memory From the Library of Congress -

History Online Project -

History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers

Library of Congress Social Science Resources -

Tennessee Technological University History Web Site - links especially for students -

Standard 1 - History of the United States and New York


Bill of Rights -

Constitution of the U.S. -

Declaration of Independence -

Government Documents  -

Journal of Lewis and Clark - original writing -

Mayflower Compact -

National Archives and Records Administration - documents of significance to U. S. including JFK Assassination records, federal laws, Congressional records, presidential papers -

A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation - documents and journals of important government happenings for the United States -

Timeline of important American documents -

History of New York

Dutch Influence  -

Erie Canal Sites
    boat building, life on the canal, digging the canal -
    boats on the canal -
    building the canal -
    history of canal, building -
    history of canal, life on the canal -
    maps, boats, timeline, history -

Henry Hudson and the Half Moon -

New Netherland Museum -

New York State History Net - electronic journal just beginning with historical articles as well as links to other New York State sites -

New York State for Kids - quick facts and other information for elementary age students -

Oneida Indian Nation -

History of the United States

Archives of American Public Address  -

Explorers -

Historical maps -

Mayflower Web Pages -

Scotia-Glenville American History Links -

American Revolution

Battle of Bunker Hill -

Lexington and  Concord
map -

American Revolution Biographies

Ethan Allen - from his homestead site

Ethan Allen from Fort Allen site-

Benedict Arnold
From the Valley Forge Museum


Black History Month Biographies -

Congressional Biographical Dictionary -

Discoverers Web Homepage - links to explorers

Homework Center - Biographies  -

Martin Luther King, Jr.  -

Women's History Month Biographies -

Black American Studies

Gateway to African American History -

Civil War

Abraham Lincoln  -

Chronology of the war week by week -

Civil War photos -

Civil War Homepage -

Underground Railroad - elementary site but has valuable links to Underground Railroad sites for all levels -

The Valley of the Shadow: Two Communities in the Civil War - includes diary entries of accounts from North and South perspective -


American Immigration -

Ellis Island Museum -

Native American Studies

Index of Native American Cultural Resources on the Internet -

Native American Studies -

Other Events

America in 1866 - A Historic Look at America's Cities and States in 1866 including New York and Albany -

Child Labor accounts

Great Chicago Fire -

Mountain Men and the Fur Trade  -

New Deal - documents, photos sponsored by the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Instate -

FDR Cartoon Collections  -

Japanese Interment Sites -

State government links - each state is given a link and from there research can be done on various aspects of that state - some more extensive than others

Timeline of the American Civil Rights Movement  -


American Presidency -

White House -


Africans in America -

Standard 2 - World History

Brazil facts and graphics -

Entries  from Capt. David Emmett's daily online journal from Croatia in 1997-98 including photos -

European Voyages of Exploration -

Foreign governments and information about countries

Gateway to World History -

HyperHistory Online - maps, biographies, timelines -

Middle Ages -

National Clearinghouse for U.S.-Japan Studies  - lesson plans and information about Japan for units of study -

Personal Diary of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 1994-98

Rainforest tour -

Renaissance -

Russian history links  -

Vietnam War -

Virtual Tours of World Places -

World Area Studies Internet Resources - extensive links to internet sites providing information about world areas -

World War I -

World War II links -

Holocaust (See also Internet School Library Media Center listings)

Holocaust Studies Center -

Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust -

Teaching the Holocaust through Stamps, Pictures, and text - powerful site -

Standard 3 - Geography

Atlapedia -

Five Themes of Geography with lesson ideas -

Geography For Kids -

Geography Internet Resources -

Geography Place Games and Quiz Site -

Geography/Environment/Economic web sites for research and activities -

Map resources - RESOURCES

National Geographic Map Machine - click on maps and facts available -

World Atlas and World Maps -

Standard 4 - Economics

Facing the Future: People and the Planet - provides problems and solutions of population growth -

Historical United States Census Data -

U.S. Census Bureau -  provides population statistics as well as economic indicators including graphs -

Standard 5 - Civics, Citizenship, and Government

Branches of Government -
Farms -

  Arbor Day -
  Chinese New Year -
  Fourth of July -
  Labor Day -
  Martin Luther King Day Scavenger Hunt -
  Memorial Day -
  President's Day Fun - (also includes
      links to other holiday activities)

Links for federal departments and agencies

State government links - each state is given a link and from there research can be done on various aspects of that state - some more extensive than others

Supreme Court Cases -

United States Flag and other patriotic songs and symbols -


Smithsonian Institute -

General Resources

California SCORE Project for Social Studies -

Social Studies Lesson Plans

California SCORE Project -

Educator's ToolKit -

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