The Road To Pennsylvania Avenue

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The Road To Pennsylvania Avenue

The Road To Pennsylvania Avenue This selection of the editorial cartoons of the New Deal Era follows the road Franklin Delano Roosevelt traveled from 138 Eagle Street, the governor's mansion in Albany, to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the White House, in Washington, DC.

Popular mythology has the nation deep in the Great Depression. After a historic plane flight, FDR steps bravely forward, accepts the nomination and goes on to be the unanimous choice of the people. His administration would have lived happily ever after except for problems with the Supreme Court in 1937.

Students may find it interesting to learn that FDR came within hours of loosing the nomination at the Chicago Convention. Only a shift in votes from California, a state where he lost the party primary, saved Franklin Roosevelt's nomination. Roosevelt's journey to the White House will begin with the first cartoon in the Hyde Park collection and will end with all the cartoons published the day after FDR took the oath of office.

The first cartoons of this series will include the months of March, April, May and June. Subsequent months will follow on an irregular basis. All work is student created and teacher edited. More work gets done toward the end of a marking period. Summer is laissez faire.

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