How to collect the FDR cartoons for classroom.

Be sure to download only the detailed views. The quick views are for screen viewing and are not intended for any other purpose. The detailed views are sufficiently detailed to make a good overhead projector image.

You can save almost any image you find on the Web in four easy steps.

First, access the Web page that contains the image you want to retrieve.

Next, place your mouse arrow anywhere on top of the image. If you're a Macintosh user, click and hold down your mouse button. If you're a Windows user, click and hold down your right mouse button. A menu will appear.

Scroll down to Save this Image as ... or Download Image/Target to Disk, and let up on your mouse button.

You'll then be able to save the image to your hard drive.

As with all multimedia items you retrieve on create both online and offline, be sure to remind students to cite the source/location and description of the image in the bibliography for their portfolio.

-From Classroom Connect, page 4, May 1997 Issue. Visit their website at

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