Waiting For the New Deal

The cartoons in this section, Waiting For the New Deal,are from the period January 5, 1933 to March 15, 1933. Roosevelthad been overwhelmingly elected but the nation would have to wait until March Fourthfor FDR to take office. An advisor once told FDR that if he solved the nation's problems he would be remembered as a great president. But if he failed hewould be remembered as the last president. The cartoons from January 1933to March of 1933 reflect the nation's anxious feelings during that period. Anadditional cartoon, NRA and The Future Generations, is included in this sectionto recognize the work of the AP United States History Class, The Jedi (94-95) who pioneered this project of preservation and computerized indexing.
33111101.gif (53K)
NRA And The Future Generations
Jensen in the Wheeling Intelligencer

33010501.gif (52K)
Seeking Advice on Bronco-Busting
Elderman in the Washington Post

33010502.gif (74K)
The Harmony Boys.
Unknown Artist in the New York City World Telegram

33010701.gif (49K)
Itís Been Tried
Web Brown in an Unknown Newspaper

33011001.gif (48K)
The March 4th Reception Committee
Morris in the Brooklyn Citizen

33012001.gif (77K)
Do They Always Do That?
Berryman in the Washington Star

33012301.gif (57K)
I Hope You Can Put The Real Roosevelt Sock Into It Franklin.
Morris in the Hoboken Observer

33012401.gif (64K)
An Unfortunate wait
Clubb in the Plainfield (NJ) News

33012501.gif (68K)
Frank Are You Sure It Won't Explode?
Berryman in the Washington Star

33020601.gif (83K)
Get All The Practice You Can, Franklin
Unknown Artist in the Chicago News

33020901.gif (64K)
A True Fish Story.
Jerry Doyle in the Philadelphia Record

33021301.gif (53K)
Congress Delegates The Authority
Ding (Darling) in the Chicago Journal of Commerce

33022101.gif (42K)
Sweeping Changes Are Expected After March 4th
Morris in the Hoboken Observer

33022301.gif (71K)
"Oh, Boy--It Won't Be Long Now!"
Herblock in the Long Branch (NJ) Record

33030401.gif (77K)
Hail and Farewell
Clubb in the Rochester (NY) Times Union

33030501.gif (59K)
The New Chauffeur
Bruce Shanks in an Unknown Newspaper

33030502.gif (56K)
If He Doesnít Watch Out Weíll All Be Democrats Next Session
Carlisle in the Atlanta Constitution

33030503.gif (73K)
A New Captain At The Wheel
Unknown Artist in the Portland (OR) Journal

33030601.gif (48K)
The First Job For The New Engineer
Hutton in the Marshall (TX) Messenger

33030602.gif (48K)
His First Girl
Unknown Artist in the Memphis Evening Appeal

33030603.gif (55K)
Keeping His Nose On The Grindstone
S.S. Byck in the Brooklyn Times

33030701.gif (94K)
Hotel America
T.E. Power in an Unknown Newspaper

33030702.gif (56K)
It Was An Ancient Mariner
Hoban in the New York American

33030703.gif (59K)
Looks As If The New Leadership Was Really Going To Lead
S.J. Ray in the Kansas City (MO) Star

33031101.gif (79K)
It IS a New Deal
Talburt in the Pittsburgh Press

33031401.gif (67K)
He's A Roosevelt All Right.
S.J. Ray in the Richmond Times Dispatch

33031402.gif (49K)
A Clear Track!
Hungerford in the Newark Star Eagle

33031403.gif (65K)
The Man Of The Hour
Fred O. Seibel in the Richmond Times Dispatch

33031404.gif (69K)
Just Like That!
Talburt in the Washington News

33031501.gif (74K)
The Faster He Works The Sooner He Eats
Clubb in the Rochester (NY) Times Union

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