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We are trying to split the cartoons base into smaller parts. Check out a month by month journey through Supreme Court Reform

Thank you for your letters and various comments for improvement. Changes have been made. The GIFS are smaller. The size of the GIF is now given after the name of the file. File size is always a trade-off. If the GIFS become smaller and easier to download, detail is lost. For example look at the cartoon Frank Are You Sure It Won't Explode?. Berryman was a master of detail. The caricature of Franklin Roosevelt is exceptionally well done. Each name on the bottles is essential to understand the brew the chef was cooking.

Most of the original cartoons cover an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper. Some of the originals are even larger. One of our visitors commenting on the size of the originals said, "It goes to show how important these cartoons were back then.". Some of the cartoons had to be shrunk by the copier so they would fit on a single sheet of paper. Everything in life is a compromise. If the GIFS seem large it is intended to preserve the detail.

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