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The FDR Portfolio Project

This project uses the editorial cartoons of the New Deal Era to satisfy one of the seven parts of the eleventh grade AP United States History portfolio requirements. The portfolio is a local requirement, not a College Board requirement. The work is challenging but can be adapted to fit many purposes.

Procedures For Teachers
A guideline for teachers who want to create FDR cartoon portfolios.
Directions for Students
The student portfolio assignment.
Drawing FDR
Eitan Shapiro's comparison of cartoonist Jerry Doyle and Fred O. Seibel.
The First 100 Days
Valerie Dorn depiction of the first 100 days of FDR's tenure
The Casablanca Conference
Jesse Hoagg explores the significane of the 1943 Casablanca Conference and the start of the global era.
Hugo Black and the KKK
Avra van der Zee's commentary on the Supreme Court nomination of Hugo Black and his ties to the KKK.
An Uncertain Relationship
Ryan Fagan exaimines the uncertain relationship between FDR and John l. Lewis.

Online Projects

Project: Bring a Cartoon to Life
Macmillan/McGraw-Hill has incorperated the FDR cartoons into a new text called, Adventures in Time and Place. The lesson presented is oriented to grade 5 and is used to bring the Great Depression into context for our younger students. The project is called Bring a Cartoon to Life and is extremely well planned and organized.

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