The War Years - 1943

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Welcome to the FDR cartoons of 1943

The cartoons of 1943 incorporates several new features. Our search engine is now operational. You may search for a person, place or an idea, and a list of cartoons with that term will be generated. Look for the search engine icon at the bottom of each page. Cartoons are listeded by month to speed loading.

All cartoons still have the quick view and detailed views. Teachers who wish to use the cartoons on overhead should download the detailed view. A new line of text indicates the physical contents of each cartoon.

Between frames are some of the Naval events of 1943. Cartoons never portrayed the actual events of World War II. Strict censorship was the rule. Loose lips would sink ships. This format of using day-to-day happenings will be expanded for all cartoons in the months ahead. Including Naval events helps to put the war into focus in a way the cartoons could not do along.

Special thanks to the Website featuring World War II 54 years ago. The events used for our cartoons and all the major Naval events are found at the following address:


Teachers will find the following cartoons especially useful:

1. 43011702. The 78th Congress guards its powers.
2. 43012801. FDR returns from Casablanca.
3. 43013001. Students should research FEPC and executive order 8802. A research project about the transit strike in Philadelphia would fit well here.
4. 43031102. Republican reaction to a fourth term.
5. 43040802. A rare cartoon from a Black newspaper urging an end to segregation in the armed forces.
6. 43042201. What is that plant FDR and Camacho are growing?
7. 43050406. Why is the donkey not so enthusiastic?
8. 43051308. Not all papers were wild about Eleanor's activities.
9. 43060506. Why is Lewis referred to as an underminer?
10. 43060901. The car is FDR's Ford roadster. Why is it labeled universal peonage?
11. 43061102. Students might find the Zoot suit fashion of 1943 similar to those of today. Ask students about the graduation cap.
12. Compare the rich content of 43062602 and 43062803.
13. 43062901. Why does Churchill think the time is not ripe?
14. 43063005. What are coattails and why are congressmen jumping off the coattails?

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