By Allie Godfrey and Lindsay Cioffi

 Block 1



    At the age of nine, Jane Goodall knew that one day she would go to Africa. She had no idea that she'd be spending a lifetime sharing her cubicle with chimpanzees. For over forty years, Goodall has been working with chimpanzees and discovering new things about them that has changed the way humans view these primates. Traveling through Africa and along the Gombe River, Goodall has not only fulfilled her childhood dream, but has made great discoveries to gain vast recognition and respect as the "chimpanzee lady."



1. When was Jane Goodall born, and where?

2. What happened to Goodall when she was eight years old?

3. As a result of the previous question, Jane moved to Bournemouth, England. Who did she meet there and what did he teach her?

4. Jane Goodall was married twice- name both of her husbands and the years that they were married.

5. When was Goodall's son born (with her first husband) and what was his name?



1. What stories inspired Jane Goodall when she was a little girl?

2. What jobs led her towards her love of chimpanzees?

3. Where did she first start her research?

4. What is the unusual aspect of Goodall's research techniques?





1. Where and when did Jane Goodall receive her Ph. D?

2. What title was she given in 1967?

3. What books and magazines has Jane Goodall written for?



1. Who gave Jane Goodall her first project in Africa, and what was it?

2. How was she able to lure chimps into the campsite?

3. What ground-breaking discoveries did Jane Goodall find in 1971? (two things)

4. What organizations are still practiced today?





1. What is the aim of the Jane Goodall Institute? What is one way in which this goal is carried out?

2. Name four awards and/or titles Jane Goodall has won/achieved.


Did you know!

- While studying at Gombe, Jane observed a group of chimpanzees hunting and eating small rodents! She learned that although chimps are primarily vegetarians, they sometimes ate insects and small rodents for food. 

- Further along in her research, Jane unfortunately uncovered that humans are not the only ones that engage in warfare. Chimpanzees at Gombe beginning in early 1974 began the first known instance of non-human warfare, between the Kasakela group and the Kahama group, who were essentially wiped out by the Kasakela.

- Jane Goodall was named a "Messenger of Peace" in the United Nations (April 2002), whose purpose is to motivate the public to become involved in groups and activities that make the world a better place to live. These include poverty eradication, human rights, peace and conflict resolution, HIV/AIDS, disarmament, community development and environmentalism.





    Jane Goodall has conducted important research in the field of primatology and as a result has made humans much more aware of the social and behavioral characteristics of chimpanzees. Not only this, but her participation in the community has earned her high honors, such as the Gandhi/King award for Nonviolence.

    Related Work: Jane Goodall was involved with notable scientist Louis Leakey for a long time. He was the one responsible for    Jane's extensive research of chimpanzees in their natural habitat, as well as Dian Fossey for gorillas and Birute Galdikas for         orangutans. Leakey was focused on the study of human origins for many years.

    Sites for Leakey:








    Your group must create a poster outlining Jane Goodall's life and accomplishments, based on what you've researched. Each element should be detailed and show that you have a good understanding of why Goodall is regarded so highly in the scientific community. The poster should include:

1. Jane Goodall's name as the title (or something creative that shows she is the focus of the project) 1 point

2. Goodall's date of birth and place of birth 2 points

3. Jane Goodall's inspiration (two stories, one person) 3 points

4. A brief description of Jane Goodall's family life 3 points

5. Three major accomplishments of Jane Goodall's research (describe each) 6 points

6. Two major discoveries founded by Jane Goodall (be complete) 4 points

7. Picture or drawing (preferably!) of Jane Goodall with chimpanzees 2 points
    (+1 extra credit if you draw it )

    + 3 points for creativity/effort

    +1 point for neatness



Total: 25 points