Galileo Galilei

    Galileo Galilei was born on February 15, 1564 in Piza, Italy. Within the next 50 years of his life. Galileo would revolutionize the fields of Earth Science, Physics, and astronomy with his many theorems and inventions. Among these were the refined Astronomical Telescope, The Hydrostatic Balance, as well as laying the foundation in laws of motion that would be continued by Sir Isaac Newton. Galileo was paramount developing the modern day scientific method, which is based on hypotheses and trial, and followed up by conclusions and inferences. This style helped him to break down many scientific standards and resurrect new ones that would lay the ground for modern scientists.

- In which fields did Galileo unlock many unknown facts and laws?

- What scientific instrument is Galileo best known for?

-What theory was Galileo is support  of that caused the Catholic church to lable him as a heretic?

-What field of science was revolutionized by Galileo's description of the parabolic flights of projectiles?

 - Which method of scientific tests did Galileo use in order to perfect his conclusions? And further, describe a typical set up Galileo would use to answer one of his own questions. (include what he tried to deduce inquiries into).

- Was Galileo the first to invent an Astronomical Telescope? If not, where was the first created? Also, give a few examples of what he observed.

-What did many individuals attribute to Galileo's eventual blindness?

Follow up: What actually as the reason for his blindness?

- Name three scientific instruments that were influenced by Galileo, and how he  improved or analyzed  these instruments.

- Where was Galileo born and what occupation did his father hold?

- What did Galileo determine was independent of a Pendulum's swing? Also, give a brief description of his work with the pendulum.

- In what year did Galileo develop his explanation for the earth's tides? Further, what motions of the earth led his to his theory?


- What was Galileo working of after he obtained the Chair of Mathematics at Padua?

- Why did he first begin to study astronomy?

- Which book uncovered information about the satellites of Jupiter and the Milky was led to his initial European fame?

- What famous quote from Galileo's run-in with the Church is seen as apocryphal?

- What famous letter was ultimately responsible                                                            for Galileo's trouble with the Church?


  Using this link: (or just write an accurate timeline from galileo's early life to the inquisition. You must include the following items and 4 of your own. (Include dates with each item)

-Birth date

-Where Galileo moved in the 1570's

-What year and what his first noble discovery about the pendulum.

-These discoveries then led to:

-What ancient Greek scientist's work did he study?

-The name of his book about motion and when he wrote it.

-What his first patent was after studying oars and water.

-Galileo's most well known discovery was the ______

-What theories brought him to trouble with the church.

-Death date.


IN CONCLUSION: Galileo's inventions and theories had an enormous impact on science during his day, and in fact modern science as well. His work on arcs and projectiles revolutionized physics, while his telescope, metronome, and other mechanisms had a magnificent impact on Earth Science and astrology as we know it today. Galileo Galilee will forever be known as a benefactor of technology and science, and for how he almost single handedly brought the world into a new era of knowledge.