Student Book Review:

Earthquake Terror

by: Peg Kehret

Review done by:

Shannon W
Grade 6
Iroquois Middle School
Niskayuna, NY

One of my favorite books this year was Earthquake Terror by Peg Kehret. I like this author because she does stories about kids in her books. I wish I was a fast enough reader to read one of her books everyday!
This is a book about a family of 4 who go to a "desert" campsite on a island called Magpie Island. Johnathan, the brother, wanted to somewhat get away from people but not this far . . . Not even one other person outside his "boring" family. Johnathan was spooked by it from the beginning. Johnathan has a sister named Abby. Abby is disabled, she was disabled in a car crash. Johnathan's mother falls in the water and breaks her ankle. Their father suggests that the kids stay back. Abby wants to go with her mom, but her mom says to stay with Johnathan. So, now Johnathan is and Abby are left alone on magpie island. They sit down and eat their lunch. On their way back to the camper Johnathan hears a rumble . . . EARTHQUAKE!!! After the big shock and a few small after shocks Johnathan recovers. Where is Abby? He see's her walker and looks around and starts to yell, "ABBY!" Finally she responds. He gets her and her walker . . . but the walker is unusable. So Johnathan has to pick up Abby and head for the trailer. When they finally reach the Place where the trailer was supposed to be they can't see it. The bridge is gone . . . trailer is smashed. They have no food . . . No water. Did I say there was no water? Well I guess I was wrong . . . FLOOD! Now their hanging on to logs for dear life while going down river! Johnathan has lost his sister at night in the river where, did she go? Johnathan hit his head on a log while going down the river and is unconscious. He's slipping into the water his dog is right next to him swimming and sees him go under. So the dog goes under the water and pushes him up above the water. The dog does this about 5 time finally Johnathan regains consciousness.
I couldn't put this book down! It was so exciting when they were going down the river and Johnathan's dog saved him from drowning. If you want an exciting good read that's only about 132 pages long than this would be the book for you! It's not that hard, and I really liked it. I rate it on a scale of 1-10, a 9.8!