Space Kids "this awesome spacey resource offers news, polls, and Shockwave games to challenge your brain! There are also cool photos and videos throughout the site."

 Space - The Nine Planets - an overview of the history, mythology, and current scientific knowledge of each planet and the major moons in our solar system.

NASA's Space Place for Kids - games, animations, projects, and fun facts about Earth, space and technology.

NASA Solar System Simulator - take a space trip and view the planets.

Kennedy Space Center "grab pictures and info about the latest shuttle missions. Includes a section where you can follow along with the countdown!"

Windows to the Universe - Learn all about space and the solar system. The site is written in three reading levels approximating elementary, middle school and high school reading levels. These levels may be chosen by using the upper button bar of each page of the main site.

Click here to play some space games from Windows to the Universe.


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